I’ve never gone so far uptown as the Bronx and, on this particular night (when I lost was in need of a locksmith), I was in the Bronx visiting a friend. We went to Fort Tryon Park and, as it began to snow, we decided to head back to her apartment but her keys were nowhere to be found. There was no one else at home and we were panicking! I would’ve been especially afraid to call a Bronx locksmith if I had been by myself but, luckily, I was with my friend and we also were able to get in touch with the most helpful Bronx locksmith. I never thought I’d be in a snowy park trying to contact a Bronx locksmith so I could get back to my friend’s apartment. I’m really not familiar with the Bronx at all but now I can say that I’m familiar with a Bronx locksmith.

Locksmith in the Bronx
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